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PC Geek can take the hassle out of setting up your computer and devices. Out of the box most computers and devices will allow you to operate them, but not to their full potential. Many additional and beneficial functions are usually discovered over time or activated by someone with knowledge of these more advanced settings. Surveys conducted have shown approximately 48 – 51% of smart phone users never get around to installing any applications. Applications provide access to a range of entertainment, social networking programs (apps) and much more. Let us show you how to utilize the thousands of applications that are available to your device.

If you have a device or computer that is older, or now giving you problems, PC Geek can diagnose and advise of the best method to either repair or replace your system.

Refurbished Computers

PC Geek is not affiliated with Australian Computer Traders however recommends them for quality refurbished laptops and desktop computers.

RAM and Hard Drive Upgrades or Replacement

Increasing or upgrading the RAM (Random-access memory) in a computer allows it to multi task better. For example, your system may be less susceptible to freezing when background tasks such as antivirus scans commence unannounced or when too many windows are open on your computer.

The lifespan of a hard drive is unpredictable and is the main reason you should make sure all your important data is frequently backed up. If you suspect your hard drive is faulty due to freezing issues or excessive clicking or squeaking emitting from your computers drive, then call us immediately to reduce the risk of potential data loss.

We can replace or upgrade your current hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) These drives are considerably faster and in most cases, will make a significant improvement to your systems performance. Solid state drives are also proven to be more durable, due to not having any moving components.

Display Loss on Computer or Device

Causes can range from driver conflicts to faulty components. An inspection by a PC Geek professional is recommended.

Sound Loss

Causes can range from driver conflicts to faulty components. An inspection by a PC Geek professional is recommended.

Power Loss

If your computer or device does not power up, then the cause may be due to a failed or faulty power supply. Check that the computers power cables are correctly connected to your general power outlet and other devices plugged in are functioning normally. Sometimes a brief display of your computers power lights occurs with no follow through as you attempt to start it. This may also indicate an issue with the computers power supply. An inspection by a PC Geek professional is recommended.

Driver related Problems

There may be times when your computers USB ports or other connected devices such as keyboards and external drives fail to operate as they once did. If possible, make sure that the product/s you are connecting are designed to function with your current Windows operating system. Over time devices that once functioned properly may cease to function due to conflicts or corruptions in the computers registry.
Sometimes registry cleaning tools rectify these problems however, a more advanced approach may be required. A full reset or rebuild of your system will most likely fix these problems however PC Geek understands that a less invasive solution is sometimes preferable to avoid reinstallation of all programs and settings. Call PC Geek for expert assistance dealing with this problem.

Insurance Assessments and Quotes

If you require an assessment and written report to be provided to your insurance company, PC Geek can deliver this service.


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