Internet, WiFi & Networks

Network and WIFI issues

Internet or service failure can be due to many factors. Your internet service provider (ISP) may be experiencing a temporary outage. (Contact your ISP to verify status) or the issue may be due to a Modem/Router being incorrectly configured or faulty. Outages are often experienced after storms and power failures. The actual cause can be quickly and professionally diagnosed and resolved by an inspection by a PC Geek professional.

Speed issues

If your internet signal is weak or intermittent due to your device or computer being too far from your modem/router, then PC Geek has specialised devices to rectify this issue.
Before contacting PC Geek, Please assure that speed issues are not related to service work being carried out by the NBN or your internet service provider.

Current NBN Outages

An inspection by a PC Geek professional will determine the cause of your speed issues quickly and accurately. Call 1300361432